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Our services include interlock system design consultation as well as hardware to enable clients to meet the requirements of ANSI Z136.1-2014 for the Safe Use of Lasers and other related ANSI standards.

Products include: 
- Defeatable access controls
- Non-defeatable access monitors.
- Laser warnings
- Interlock arming and interlock relay modules
- Emergency-stop switches
- Complete hardware kits with all wiring, modules, and
    mounting hardware.
The LSS2388 Defeatable Access Controller

Providing intelligent access timing features

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Laser safety officer recommended relay for driving the electronic shutter
laser access keypad
Push to exit safety interlock
Defeatable Entryway Controls
activated by our keypad or by a client-provided card reader
Warning that was recommended during laser safety officer certification
laser safety officer recommended emergency stop switch
Entryway Warnings
Emergency Stop Switches
Modular interlock design permits module
location and placement where it is most likely to be used.

A common yellow-blue color on all modules conveys the laser safety system theme to all personnel.
Laser interlock recommended by the certified laser safety officer
Interlock recommended similar to ICS-5
Interlock to be used with laser safety eyewear
laser interlock switch
Non-Defeatable Door and Curtain Monitors with armored dual magnetic
laser institute of america
Modular Interlock Systems for Class 3B and Class 4 Engineered Laser Safety
System Training video
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laser warning symbol for class 4 laser
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