All Laser Safety Systems modules are designed, machined, soldered, assembled, and tested in the USA from globally sourced parts

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laser warning lamp

Laser Warning Module

Provides a visual indication of the three laser interlock states:
"Crashed," "Safe," and "Armed".
Normally placed outside entryway.
Uses hidden text backlit by LED.
Warning triangle can display a solid or a strobe effect.
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laser room interlock control module

Room Interlock Control Module

Placed at strategic locations desired by customer,  this module is used to arm and disarm the entire room interlock and reports status to all other system modules.

Displays the three interlock states.

At least one LSS2381 is required in each room.
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laser estop button

Emergency Crash Module

Placed at strategic locations desired by customer, this module allows a rapid shutdown of the room interlock and all connected lasers or shutters.

Back lit with highly visible red LED when room interlock is armed.
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Laser interlock relay

Local Interlock Module

Placed at strategic locations desired by customer, this module contains the final dry relay contacts that interface with the laser or shutter.

Each module has two dry contacts and can control up to two lasers or shutters.

At least one LSS2384 is required in each room.
24VDC system power is introduced at this module.
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non-defeatable laser door monitor
door limit switch

Non-Defeatable Door/Curtain Monitor Kit

Kit contains Monitor Module and LSS2306-12 Magnetic Door Sensor containing two proximity switches.

Stainless-steel armored cable on door sensor prevents tampering.

Hidden text illuminates to show "Closed" state which satisfies room interlock.

2387B option: provides two form C relay contacts for general use that activate when the room is armed.
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main laser interlock controller
door limit switch
laser interlock keypad
push to exit button

Defeatable Access Control Kit

Kit contains all components necessary to allow controlled access to or from the laser area by authorized laser personnel.

Monitored door or curtain can be opened when bypass timer is activated.  Timer cancels after door/curtain closure.

Hidden text on Main Module displays the three interlock states and "access" light. 

Main Module and Keypad produce system tones for arming, disarming, and access.
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Highlights of the LSS2388 System:

  • Controller utilizes our exclusive and proprietary Intelligent Access Timing to control pre-access, access, and post-access.


  • Controller has Post-Access automatic cancellation.


  • Controller has "Stuck" exit button error handling.

: : : :

  • Controller can drive 24V Magnetic Lock (LSS2305) or a 24V Electric Strike.


  • Controller can accept an override signal from an existing facility card reader access entry system.


  • Controller has provision to tie into the building Fire Alarm contacts.

System Accessories

laser power supply

System Power Supply
Part # UL24V

This UL Listed Power Supply provides a safe low-voltage (24VDC) at up to 1 amp for powering the interlock system.  Our system is very efficient; a single wall-wart power supply can feed a system with multiple door interlock modules, warning modules, and laser relay modules.  If you are concerned about the power budget for a large system, you need not worry.  Laser Safety Systems will calculate the total load of all desired modules to verify your system will meet the allowable power budget.
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cable roll

Main Interlock Cable
Part # 8CUL

Sold by the foot, this UL Listed plenum-rated cable is delivered in a spooled length desired by the customer.  The cable is 8-conductor 22AWG stranded with 8 distinct wire colors that match the colors on the schematic diagrams we provide with each system.
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laser trip circuit

Door/Curtain Monitor Switch
Part # LSS2306-12

One switch is included with the LSS2387 and LSS2388 Access Monitor and Control Kits.  When doors have more than one leaf, an additional monitor switch is needed.

Contains two magnetically sensitive reed relays for redundant monitoring of the door or curtain closure status.

Comes with 12 inches of stainless-steel armored flex cable.  Longer lengths up to 20 feet are available by special order.  Standard contacts are both normally open (NO) and will close in the presence of the magnet.  Contacts can be special ordered in NC-NC, NC-NO configurations as well as the standard NO-NO.
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magnetic lock image

400lb Magnetic Door Lock and Mounting Hardware
Part # LSS2305

Specifically designed to run with low current draw on the existing 24V interlock system when driven by our LSS2388 Defeatable Access Control Kit.

Maximum of two magnetically locked doors per system.

The benefits of extra security must be weighed against the complexity of NFPA codes compliance, so we often recommend against magnetically locking lab spaces.  Please call to discuss before considering purchase.
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interlock mounting

Hellermann-Tyton Surface Track, Boxes, and Fittings

Low-Voltage surface raceway is used to route and protect the cable when in-wall mounting is not feasible.  It is manufactured from a cleanroom compatible UL-rated 94 V-0 PVC.

Features a superior "peel & stick" adhesive for installation without any drilling or screwing into the wall.

Compatible with an office or cleanroom environment.  Industrial settings will likely require conventional metal conduit and boxes.
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